Customized device drivers for Linux.

The subfolder NVidiaOptimus/ contains a customized
display modesetting driver and configuration files
for 64-Bit X-Server 1.19, to use NVidia Optimus
Laptops with the proprietary NVidia graphics driver
instead of the open-source nouveau driver.

CAUTION: These drivers are only for specific processor
architectures and versions of the X-Server, and thereby
only for specific versions of specific Linux distributions.

Installation of these drivers on a mismatched/unsuitable
distribution will likely make your machines GUI unuseable
by preventing successfull startup of the X-Server!

You can find out which version of X-Server is used on your
system by typing…

xdpyinfo grep ‘X.Org version’

… into a terminal window. It should report version 1.19 for a
XOrg 1.19 server.

Currently the following drivers are provided:

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