InitializeMatlabOpenAL([debuglevel] [,snddevicename] [, openal_c_style])

InitializeMatlabOpenAL – Initialize the OpenAL for Matlab wrapper ‘moal’.

Call this function at the beginning of your experiment script if you intend
to use low-level OpenAL sound commands in your script as provided by our
moalcore extension.

This will check if moal is properly installed and upload all required
OpenAL constants into your Matlab workspace. It will also set up
Psychtoolbox for interfacing with external OpenAL code.

MacOS/X users do not need to take any measures, OpenAL comes installed on
Tiger (10.4) by default. The same is true for modern GNU/Linux distributions.

Users of Microsoft Windows need to download and install the freely available
OpenAL runtime for Windows. Follow the links to the runtime for Windows in
the ‘Downloads’ section of the OpenAL homepage:

Options: All options are optional.

debuglevel = 0 to 3: Setting debuglevel == 0 will disable debug-output.
A level of 1 will cause MOAL to output error messages and abort your
scripts execution if it detects any OpenAL error. A level of 2 provides
additional information that may help you to optimize your code. level 3
means to be very verbose

snddevicename: Optional. Request a specific sound output device by
its name. If left out, or if an invalid name is given, OpenAL will
select a default output device - the most capable and most efficient
device in your system.

openal_c_style = 0 / 1: Optional. If left out or set to zero, all
constants will be loaded in structs in order to avoid cluttering the
Matlab workspace too much. You’ll have to replace all AL_xxx calls by calls, e.g., AL_TRUE becomes AL.TRUE .
If set to one, then all constants will additionally be provided in standard
C-Style syntax, aka AL_TRUE, but this only works in the main function, not
in subroutines.

The ‘OpenAL for Matlab’ low level wrapper moal was implemented by Mario
Kleiner, trivially derived from our MOGL Matlab for OpenGL wrapper, which
was developed and contributed to Psychtoolbox under GPL license by
Prof. Richard F. Murray, University of York, Canada and Mario Kleiner.

MOAL is now licensed under the more permissive MIT license since 2011.
Relicensing with permission of Richard Murray.

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