Psychtoolbox:PsychSound:MOAL Contents of MOAL Matlab-OpenAL toolbox

Moal is a collection of M-File wrappers and a MEX file that allow to call
all OpenAL commands from Matlab as one is used to from the C programming

Directory structure is as follows:

moaldemo.m          -- demonstration of how to use the toolbox  
    (first group:  main toolbox functions)  
    moalcore.mexmac -- main MEX interface to [OpenAL](OpenAL) functions  
    oalconst.mat    -- constants used by [OpenAL](OpenAL) routines  
    (first group:  files that generate interface code)  
    al\_auto\_init.c  -- file used in generating al\_auto.c;  contains  
                       top portion of file, i.e., \#includes, etc.  
    oalconst.m      -- MATLAB script that searches through [OpenAL](OpenAL) header  
                       files for \#defined constants, and writes them  
                       to oalconst.mat as variables  
    (second group:  files that compile to produce moalcore.mexmac)  
    al\_auto.c       -- automatically generated interfaces to [OpenAL](OpenAL) functions  
    al\_manual.c     -- manually generated interfaces to [OpenAL](OpenAL) functions  
    alm.c           -- ALM library of ALC like functions.  
    moalcore.c      -- main MEX interface function  
    moaltypes.h     -- useful data types  
    windowshacks.c  -- hacks needed for Windows compatibility.  
    (third group:   Makefiles and build scripts.)  
    makefile        -- makefile to compile C files into moalcore.mexmac on PPC.  
    makefile\_intelmac -- makefile for [IntelMac](IntelMac).  
    makefile\_linux    -- makefile for GNU/Linux.  
    makefile\_linuxoctave -- makefile for Linux + Octave.  
    makefile\_windows.m -- makefile for M$-Windows.  
wrap/\*          -- wrapper M-files that check arguments, etc., and  
                   then call to moalcore.mexmac to run [OpenAL](OpenAL) functions  

The following three commands will completely regenerate moal.

>> autocode(1,[],1) % generate al_auto.c and wrapper M-files
>> !make % compile C code to produce MEX files
>> oalconst % save constants from header files in a .mat file

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