FORPCheck Checks if a button of a FORP device (HH-5-CYL) is pressed.


[KeyPressed,EventTime] = FORPCheck()

Return the key name (KeyPressed) of the pressed button and the
time (EventTime) of the status check.

KeyPressed Key name of the Pressed Button, empty string
if none pressed.

EventTime Time of keypress check, as returned by GetSecs.


See FORPWait.

Going through each device can be very time consuming. If would advise
to unplug each unnecessary device, so less devices has to be checked.
If you have got any advice for a better way to solve those problems, feel
free to let me know:

      Florian Stendel   
      Visual Processing Lab  
      Universitaets - Augenklinik Magdeburg  
      Leipziger Strasse 44  
      39120 Magdeburg  
      Tel:    0049 (0)391 67 21723  

10/10/06 fs Wrote it.
10/16/06 mk Add caching of device index.
10/17/06 fs Done some restructuring and testing.
02/08/07 mk New vendor id 6171 added to valid device lists.

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