EyeLink integration demo for stereo presentation.
Records eye movements passively while presenting a stereo stimulus. Supports both split-screen mode
and dual-monitor setup.
Each trial ends when the space bar is pressed.
Data Viewer integration with both left and right eyes superimposed on the same eye window view

Eyelink_StereoPicture(stereoMode, screenNumber)

Supported stereoMode parameters:

Default: 4 == Split-screen mode. Free fusion (lefteye=left, righteye=right): This - together with a screenid of zero - is what you’ll want
to use on MS-Windows with dual-display setups for stereo output.

5 == Split-screen mode. Cross fusion (lefteye=right …)

10 == Dual-Window stereo: Open two onscreen windows on two monitors, first one will
display left-eye view, 2nd one right-eye view. Direct all drawing and
flip commands to the first window, PTB will take care of the rest. This
mode is mostly useful for dual-display stereo on MacOS/X. It only works
on reasonably modern graphics hardware, will abort with an error on
unsupported hardware.

screenNumber is an optional parameter which can be used to pass a specific value to PsychImaging(‘OpenWindow’, …)
If screenNumber is not specified, or if isempty(screenNumber) then the default:
screenNumber = max(Screen(‘Screens’));
will be used.

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