A simple EyeLink gaze-contingent demo showing how to retrieve online events from a buffer.
In each trial an image is presented with a red gaze-contingent dot overlaid on top.
The dot’s location is updated online based on the end x y coordinates of each saccade detected.
Each trial ends when the space bar is pressed.


screenNumber is an optional parameter which can be used to pass a specific value to PsychImaging(‘OpenWindow’, …)
If screenNumber is not specified, or if isempty(screenNumber) then the default:
screenNumber = max(Screen(‘Screens’));
will be used.

This demo uses the ‘GetNextDataType’/’GetFloatData’ function pair that allows access to the following buffered samples and events
(See EyeLink Programmers Guide manual > Data Structures > FEVENT):

STARTBLINK 3 (the start of a blink)
ENDBLINK 4 (the end of a blink)
STARTSACC 5 (the start of a saccade)
ENDSACC 6 (the end of a saccade)
STARTFIX 7 (the start of a fixation)
ENDFIX 8 (the end of a fixation)
FIXUPDATE 9 (a fixation update during a fixation)
SAMPLE_TYPE 200 (a sample)
MISSING_DATA -32768 (missing data)

Use buffered data if you need to:
a) grab every single consecutive sample online
b) grab event data (e.g. fixation/saccade/blink events) online

Note that some buffered event data take some time to be available online due to the time involved
in calculating velocity/acceleration. If you need to retrieve online gaze
position as fast as possible and/or you don’t need to get all subsequent samples or other
events, then use the Eyelink(‘NewFloatSampleAvailable’) / Eyelink(‘NewestFloatSample’) function pair,
as illustrated in the GCfastSamples.m example.

Events structure and fields available via the ‘GetNextDataType’/’GetFloatData’ function pair:
type (number assigned to event - STARTBLINK=3, STARTSACC=5, STARTFIX=7)
eye (0=left eye, 1=right eye)
sttime (event start time)

  type (number assigned to event - ENDBLINK=4)  
  eye (0=left eye, 1=right eye)  
  sttime (event start time)  
  entime (event end time)  


  type (number assigned to event - ENDSACC=6)  
  eye (0=left eye, 1=right eye)  
  sttime (event start time)  
  entime (event end time)         
  gstx (Saccade start x gaze position)  
  gsty (Saccade start y gaze position)  
  genx (Saccade end x gaze position)  
  geny (Saccade end y gaze position)  
  supd\_x (Saccade start x 'pixel per degree' value)  
  supd\_y (Saccade start y 'pixel per degree' value)  
  eupd\_x (Saccade end x 'pixel per degree' value)  
  eupd\_y (Saccade end y 'pixel per degree' value)  

type (number assigned to event - FIXUPDATE=9, ENDFIX=8)
eye (0=left eye, 1=right eye)
sttime (event start time)
entime (event end time)
gavx (average gaze x position during fixation)
gavy (average gaze y position during fixation)
ava (average pupil size)
supd_x (Fixation start x ‘pixel per degree’ value)
supd_y (Fixation start y ‘pixel per degree’ value)
eupd_x (Fixation end x ‘pixel per degree’ value)
eupd_y (Fixation end y ‘pixel per degree’ value)

time (sample time)
type (SAMPLE=200)
pa ([lef eye pupil size, right eye pupil size])
gx ([left gaze x, right gaze x])
gy ([left gaze y, right gaze y])
rx (x ‘pixel per degree’ value)
ry (y ‘pixel per degree’ value)
buttons (button state and changes)
hdata (contains a list of 8 fields. Only the first 4 values are important:
[uncalibrated target sticker x, uncalibrated target sticker y, target sticker distance in mm, target flags)

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