Tests batch-drawing performance of some Screen functions. Batch drawing
is a way to submit multiple primitives, e.g., Filled Rects, at once. This
way the Matlab call overhead and some internal setup overhead is saved
and drawing should be significantly faster than when issuing single
drawing commands in a loop.

This currently only tests filled rects and framed rects as well as filled
ovals. It also provides a way to test drawing by texture mapping.
Dots and Lines are nicely demonstrated by DotDemo and LinesDemo.

The optional parameter ‘n’ allows to specifiy the number of primitives to
draw each frame, default is 800. The test loop will draw 1000 identical
frames and measure the time needed.

‘maxsize’ The maximum size of the primitive (width and height of covered
screen area) in pixels. Size of each primitive will be selected as a random
size between 1 pixel and ‘maxsize’ pixels.

‘primitivetype’ type of primitive: 0 = filled rects, 1 = framed rects, 2
= filled ovals, 3 = framed ovals, 4 = filled arcs.

‘mode’ type of drawing: 0 = One by one submission (slowest), 1 = batch
submission, 2 = texture mapping for drawing, 3 = texture mapping with
batch submission of textures.

‘gpumeasure’ measurement type: 0 = Only on cpu. 1 = Measure exact
execution time of drawing commands on GPU’s that support this feature.
Plot result at end of run.

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