DownloadAdditionsForLinux(targetdirectory [, flavor]);

Install missing Matlab or Octave mex files for older versions of the
Psychtoolbox, as provided by some Linux distributions, e.g., Ubuntu 12.10
or (as of April 2013) 13.04.

It needs Subversion to be installed on your machine (sudo apt-get install

You *do not need* this function if you downloaded Psychtoolbox from its
home-site via DownloadPsychtoolbox(), or if you install Psychtoolbox from
the NeuroDebian repository. If you install from NeuroDebian, simply
install these packages:

For Matlab:

Basic Mex files: sudo apt-get install matlab-psychtoolbox-3
Datapixx and Eyelink: sudo apt-get install matlab-psychtoolbox-3-nonfree

For Octave, if you want to use the Datapixx or Eyelink functions:
sudo apt-get install octave-psychtoolbox-3-nonfree

However, some Linux distributinos bundle Psychtoolbox as part of their
standard package repository, e.g., Ubuntu 12.10 and 13.04, and they
provide outdated packages (as of April 2013) which require you to run
this script manually after each installation or update in order to
retrieve mex files for Matlab, or the Datapixx and Eyelink mex files for

You can call this function from within Matlab, providing the full path to
a directory. The function will create a new folder PsychtoolboxAddOns
inside that directory and add it to your path. The add on files will be
downloaded from the Psychtoolbox main repository and stored there.

After this function successfully completes, your Psychtoolbox should work
with Matlab on Linux as well.

If you call this function from within Octave, it will download only a few
additional addon files for the Octave Psychtoolbox. Currently the only
added files are the Eyelink mex files for SR-Research Eyelink
Gazetrackers, and the Datapixx mex file for VPixx Inc. products.

This function should eventually become obsolete when the regular mainstream
Linux distributions update their packaged versions of Psychtoolbox.

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