Syntax: [FigureHandle] = ConfirmInfo(TheQuestion

Purpose: Create simple dialog box asking user to verify receipt of information.

On Octave, or Matlab in non-GUI mode,
this will just print ‘TheQuestion’ to the command window and wait for a key
press for confirmation. Older Matlab versions present a GUI dialog box.

‘TheQuestion’ Text string with the question/statement to confirm.
‘ButtonString’ Optional label on the GUI button, otherwise ‘Okay’ is used.
‘HowLongToWait’ How long to wait for response before timing out. Defaults to
infinite wait.

History: 1/11/05 mpr modified this from TwoStateQuery
1/21/05 mpr allowed font size to be reduced for longer strings
5/3/06 mpr added third argument to limit time for response;
defaults to Inf; works only in version 7 (requires
timer object class)
5/15/06 mpr allowed figure to be non-modal; under that
condition, clicking button deletes figure; to make
nonmodal, in version 5, pass non-zero non-Inf third
argument; in version 7, pass NaN as third argument;
also added return argument to allow calling function
to delete figure if user fails to delete figure and
program proceeds
8/26/06 mpr repainted buttons in version 7
12/14/07 mpr commented call to RepaintAllPushButtons because
the Matlab bug is now almost fixed
12/29/07 mpr made three-line questions possible
1/3/08 mpr introduced NLChar for cross-platform compatibility
3/5/08 mpr small cosmetic fix for new case where a third line
was needed even though Extent(3) < 2…
3/21/08 mpr allowed return value to signal if user closed window
instead of clicking uicontrol button (works only if
figure is modal)
3/31/08 mpr added check to make sure search for appropriate
space does not overrun number of spaces
5/20/13 mk Add text only fallback for Octave and non-GUI.
7/20/17 mk Use text only fallback on Matlab R2014b and later.
7/11/19 mk GUI version now works on Matlab R2014b and later.

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