[theColorImage,reconNewWay,reconOldWay] = BitsPlusPackMonoImage(theMonoImage)

In Mono++ mode, the Bits++ box uses the red and green
channels to provide 14-bits per pixel true intensity
resolution. The blue channel is set to 0 to let the
monochromatic image through. Empirically, we concluded
that the packing is left adjusted. That is, the 8 MSB
of the 14-bit input go into the red channel, and the
6 LSB get left aligned in the green channel, with
the remaining two bits set to 0.

This routine packs the bits properly for this function.

11/17/03 dhb, ip Wrote it.
8/13/04 dhb Fix bug, the data were not packed quite right.
2/26/07 mk Bugfix for LSB conversion: Added modulo operation.
3/01/07 mk Bugfix for MSB conversion: Added floor operation.
3/04/07 dhb Modified to return some debugging information and
compare original with recent version.

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