[outImage,inImage] = BitsPlusPackColorImage(inImage,[SPACESCALE],[COLORSCALE]))

Convert an image for Bits++, assuming it will
displayed on an even pixel boundary and that
it has an even number of columns.

Image is resized if SPACESCALE == 1 (default).
Otherwise scaling is assumed to have been done in advance.

Assume input is in range 0-1 if COLORSCALE == 1 (default).
Assume input is in range 0-65535 and be integer if COLORSCALE == 0.

If scaling in space, must scale in color, otherwise interpolation
can violate assumptions of prescaled color (e.g. integer vals).

8/9/04 dhb Wrote it.
18/4/05 ejw Converted it to run with OSX version of Psychtoolbox.
26.2.07 mk Bugfix for LSB conversion: Added modulo operation.
3/01/07 mk Bugfix for MSB conversion: Added floor operation.

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