quick test program for eyelinktoolbox.
John Palmer, last revised 6/02/01

Allows one to quickly test if most functions are operational in the toolbox.
Particularly useful after making updates to the toolbox.
Also illustrates simple calls to each function.
Almost all functions included except for calibration.
Calibration calls (e.g. trackersetup) is excluded to allow a quick test.

2/20/01 begun with name “eyelinktest”
3/2/01 fixed initialize, added checkexit
3/17/01 added receivefile
5/25/01 modified to test eyelinktoolbox rather than my eyelinkinterface
5/29/01 renamed testcalls. Added calls to initializedummy
6/1/01 added newfloatsampleavailable, newestfloatsample
6/2/01 added eyelink commands to define options, currentmode, newsample, etc
6/5/01 fwc changed to work with new toolbox version 1.1

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