John Palmer
test button input of eyelink. Simple version w/o file i/o
Times using both eyelink timestamp and local computer clock
runs till holding down key on keyboard while pressing button
prints out by keypress: button, states, eyelink time, getsecs time, overhead, diffs
7/1/02 bug w/ eyelink time doesn’t work, not even intializing variable????
7/12/02 new MEX version w/ modified lastbuttonpress, works fine
7/15/02 v6: used lastbuttonpress to get initial time baseline
7/16/02 v7: used currenttime to get initial time
7/18/02 v8: used the new requesttime and readtime routines
7/19/02 v9: broke out routine EXGetEyeLinkTime, v10: put in separate file
7/25/02 fwc renamed to testbutton

Typical Results:
getsecs overhead 0.02 ms
EXGetEyeLink overhead 0.60 ms
random error in eyelink time ~ +-0.50 ms, good for a ms clock!

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