SENDMAIL Send Internet e-mail
Using SENDMAIL (which needs the TCP/UDP/IP toolbox, freely available from it is possible to send e-mail messages
from the Matlab prompt. This can be useful when you want to be notified
when large jobs terminate on remote machines.

[RETCODE] = SENDMAIL(FROM, TO, SUBJ, MESG [, FILENAME]) send an e-mail with
subject SUBJ and contents MESG to the email address in TO, with
the From: field set to FROM.

FROM, TO and SUBJ are Matlab strings. MESG can be either a
string, or a cell array of strings.

RETCODE is 0 if the message was sent succesfully, otherwise it
has the value -1.

The optional argument FILENAME is a string containing the
filename of the file to be attached to the message. It may
contain path information.

sendmail(‘’,’’,’Job Finished!’,’It took 4 days, 12 hours,6 minutes.’)

sendmail(‘’,’’,’Job Finished!’,’Finaly…’, ‘results.mat’)


  1. Make sure the TCP/UDP/IP toolbox is somewhere in your PATH
  2. Adjust the SMTPSERVER, SMTPSERVERPORT and CLIENTIP variables to reflect your situation.
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