kPsychGUIWindow – Create onscreen windows with behaviour of normal GUI windows.

This flag can be passed to the optional ‘specialFlags’ parameter of
Screen(‘OpenWindow’, …) or PsychImaging(‘OpenWindow’, …).

It will cause the onscreen window to be a “regular” window that mostly
behaves like typical GUI windows on your system. The window will have a
titlebar and title, a border and other decorations. It will have buttons
and handles to allow it to be moved around, resized, minimized or
maximized, hidden and so on. Functions like Screen(‘Rect’),
Screen(‘GlobalRect’) and Screen(‘WindowSize’) will report the true size
and position of the window after it has been resized or moved around. The
GetMouse() function will optionally report if the window has keyboard
input focus because it is the active foreground window.

Window stacking order, transparency and other window manager interactions
should mostly behave as with other application windows.

Please note that timing precision and timestamp precision for visual
stimulus onset for this mode will not be guaranteed. Performance may be
reduced. Other limitations may apply.

GUI window mode is a “best effort” behaviour, as Psychtoolbox is not
really designed to be - or exactly behave - like a regular GUI toolkit.

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