History and list of changes  

February 2024
Various improvements and fixes all over the place
Updates to EyelinkBasic
Support for
- Static calibration target images from file
- Animated calibration targets from media file
- Stereomodes supported by Screen()
Updates to EyelinkDemos/SR-ResearchDemos/
- Deprecated old examples
- Added improved examples:
- GazeContingent/FixWindowBufferedSamples
- GazeContingent/FixWindowFastSamples
- GazeContingent/GCBufferedEvents
- GazeContingent/GCFastSamples
- MRI_BlockRecord
- PursuitTarget
- SimplePicture
- SimpleVideo

July 2010
Enabled use of callbacks by default
Revampled demos, made to work with new callback version
General cleanup

March 2009
Completed access to raw sample structs
Added support for LOST_DATA_EVENT
Added GetQueuedData
Added experimental camera image capture

Version 2, October 2006
Updated Beta version for OpenGL Toolbox

Version 2, June 2006
Beta version for OpenGL Toolbox

Version 1.4.5 xx-xx-2003  
fixed small error in setting usemaxwait in geteyelinktime  
Version 1.4.4 27-11-2002  
fixed dummy mode bug in eyelink.dll (was due to an eyelink software incompatability  
eyelinkeventexample now works on both mac and pc  
new function in eyelinkoneliners: dummymodedlg  
is now used in some of the examples to ask to run in dummy mode when no eyelink is connected  
Version 1.4.3 26-11-2002  
Includes eyelink.dll PC beta version  
PC support added to Eyelink Demo experiment  
added function dodriftcorrection which implements driftcorrection loop      getkeyforeyelink made PC compatible  
getkeyforeyelinktest, slightly adapted  
known bugs: on PC, there's no communication between operator PC and subject PC during image-mode display  
eyelinkeventexample does not work on PC  
On PC no builtin drift correction and trackersetup functions are implemented  
PC version requires modified getchar.dll!  
Sounds are not original eyelink sounds.....  
Version 1.4.2 10-11-2002 (local release only)  
Version 1.4.1 18-10-2002 (local release only)  
dotrackersetup.m: now allows one to go directly into a particular tracker mode  
this option is not fully tested. Just leave out the 'sendkey' parameter and it will work as it used to.  
added call to 'getnextdata' in addition to 'getnextdatatype' to conform to the c-routine call  
button [,time] = Eyelink('lastbuttonpress') now will properly report time if requested  
                                            (previous versions had an erroneous  
                                            time parameter on the right hand side)  
removed superfluous (non-error) messages from initialization and openfile functions  
added event types to initeyelinkdefaults (for use with getnextdata)  
tested with [PsychToolbox](PsychToolbox) 2.5.2 and pre-release screen 2.5.3  
New naming scheme for folder and subfolders, a la [PsychToolbox](PsychToolbox)      [EyelinkToolbox](EyelinkToolbox)  
new functions:  
time = Eyelink('requesttime')  
time = Eyelink('readtime')  
result = Eyelink('buttonstates')  
[result = ]Eyelink('flushkeybuttons'[, enablebuttons = 0])  
utility function windowsize  
new tests:   
changes to demos:  
    eyelinkexample is now identical to the one in the BRMIC paper  
    adapted eyelinkdemo experiment slightly.  
Software used to produce/test the code.    
Mac OS 9.2.2  
C-compiler: [CodeWarrior](CodeWarrior) 6.1.  
Matlab 5.2.1  
Operator PC: [EyeLink](EyeLink) 2.04  
[PsychToolbox](PsychToolbox) 2.5.2  
Version 1.3.0         25-07-02  
    limited release  
Version 1.2.0         28-06-01  
Software used to produce/test the code.    
Mac OS 9.1.  
C-compiler: [CodeWarrior](CodeWarrior) 6.1.  
Matlab 5.2.1  
Operator PC: [EyeLink](EyeLink) 2.04  
[PsychToolbox](PsychToolbox) 2.44   %   updated on-line documentation  
added a few test programs provided by John Palmer  
added [SimpleStepExperiment](SimpleStepExperiment) by John Palmer to the demo's  
Reorganised demo-experiments  
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