[encodedDIOdata] = bitsGoggles(left, right [, window])

Drives the FE1 goggles connected to bits 4 and 5 of the digital output
of a Bits+, Bits#, etc.

‘left’ and ‘right’ define the required state of the left and
right goggle shutter, where a value of:
0 = goggle open
1 = goggle closed

If ‘window’ is given, but the return argument ‘encodedDIOdata’ is not
given, then the control code is drawn into the framebuffer and a flip
is performed.

If ‘encodedDIOdata’ is given, then ‘window’ is not used
and the required T-Lock code is returned as a image matrix
which could be used for Screen(‘PutImage’) or Screen(‘DrawTexture’).

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