[radianceWattsPerM2Sr, irradianceS] =…
TrolandsToRetIrradiance(relativeSpectrum, relativeSpectrumS, trolands, [photopic], [species], [source])

The assumption underlying this routine is that the relative spectrum of a light
is available, as well as the retinal illuminance in trolands.

The routine computes the irradiance (watts/um^2-wlinterval) from the relative spectrum
(relative power, not relative quanta) and the number of trolands.

See Wyszecki and Stiles, 1982, p. 103 for the conversions.

Input variables: relativeSpectrum - the relative power as a function of wavelength.
relativeSpectrumS - the wavelength sampling information for the relativeSpectrum.
trolands - the number of trolands.
photopic - what kind of trolands: ‘Photopic’ (Default), ‘JuddVos’, ‘Scotopic’.
species - what species determins eye length: ‘Human’ (Default), ‘Monkey’.
source - source for eye length estimate, passed directly to EyeLength and inherits its default.

07/18/03 dhb Wrote it.
1/26/04 ly, dhb Fix JuddVos path through switch.
7/16/13 dhb Comment and code cleaning, minor.

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