Wait for duration s seconds, up to one second. SleepSecs suspends the
MATLAB process.

OS X: ___________________________________________________________________

If you set the priority level to greater than 0 using either Priority or
Rush then use SleepSecs instead of WaitSecs while priority is elevated.
Whereas SleepSecs surrenders CPU time, WaitSecs consumes CPU time,
exceeding limits set by Priority or Rush and causing the Mach kernel to
revoke any priority setting greater than 0.

If you are playing an animation, then use Screen(‘Flip’) to both
synchronize updating of the display to the Video BLanking invterval (VBL)
and to delay your animation loop until the next VBL; Like SleepSecs, Flip
surrenders CPU time to other processes, abiding by limits set when
negotiating with the kernel for priority levels > 0.

You should not need to continuously sleep the MATLAB process at high
priority for periods greater than 1 second. If you feel the need for
continuous delay at elevated priority for greater than the maximum one
second duration of SleepSecs, consider instead lowering priority to 0,
calling WaitSecs, and then reeleveting priority.

SleepSecs would be useful in a loop which called KbCheck at high priority
while not displaying an animation.

SleepSecs uses the Posix usleep (“microsleep”) function.

OS 9: ___________________________________________________________________

SleepSecs does not exist in OS 9.

WINDOWS: ________________________________________________________________

SleepSecs does not exist in Windows.


See Also: Priority, Rush, SetMachPriorityMex, GetMachPriorityMex, Screen(‘Flip’)

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