Workaround-Wrapper for the Screen(‘DrawDots’) function.

Usage: ScreenDrawDots(windowPtr, xy [, dotdiameter=1][, dotcolor=white][, center2D][, dot_type=1]);

This function is the equivalent of the Screen(‘DrawDots’) subfunction
for fast drawing of 2D dots. It has the same parameters as that function,
so it can be used as a drop-in replacement in many cases.

On most systems, this function will simply call Screen(‘DrawDots’,…);
passing it all parameters you provided, so you’ll get exactly that
functionality, minus a little bit of performance loss due to the extra
call overhead.

On severely broken systems (like the piece of junk that Apple calls Snow
Leopard 10.6.3), where the iPhone company managed to screw up their OpenGL
implementation so badly that even Screen(‘DrawDots’) doesn’t work, it
will try to use a different method to emulate ‘DrawDots’ behaviour as
closely as possible. This is a hack! It will incur significant
performance loss and it will provide an imperfect emulation which
should work ok for simple cases of usage of ‘DrawDots’, but may not work
perfectly (or at all) for complex usage or with high precision framebuffers.

For syntax and further help, see help of “Screen DrawDots?”

To replace direct calls to Screen(‘DrawDots’,…); with calls to this
function, simply use text search & replace of your text editor to search

and set the replace text to:


You can enable the workaround (across sessions) via a call:
clear all; ScreenDrawDots(1); on the Matlab/Octave command line.

You can disable the workaround (across sessions) via a call:
clear all; ScreenDrawDots(0); on the Matlab/Octave command line.

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