Psychtoolbox>Screen.{mex*} subfunction

Accepts a window pointer and a ‘text’ string. Return in ‘normBoundsRect’ a rect
defining the size of the text in units of pixels. Returns in ‘offsetBoundsRect’
offsets of the text bounds from the origin, assuming that the text will be drawn
at the current position of the text drawing cursor. Only the default high
quality text renderers return a perfect bounding box. The optionally selectable
low-quality, fast renderers on Windows and Linux return a bounding box which
doesn’t take letters with descenders into account - Descenders are outside the
returned box.
“textHeight” optionally return height of current text string. May return zero if
this is not supported by the current text renderer.
See help for Screen(‘DrawText’) for info about accepted text string formats and
all additional parameters…

###See also: DrawText TextSize TextFont TextStyle TextColor TextBackgroundColor