Psychtoolbox>Screen.{mex*} subfunction

oldStyle=Screen(‘TextStyle’, windowPtr [,style]);

Get/set the font style for future text draws in this window. Useful values for
style follow; they may be OR’d. On different operating systems and text
renderers only a subset of these flags is honored. All settings are accepted on
all systems, but some of them are silently ignored on some systems.
All styles are supported with the default plugin text renderer on all systems.
Normal, bold, and italic styles are supported on all system specific renderers.
Underline is supported on OSX and Windows. Outline is supported on Linux.
Condense and Extend are supported on Linux and OSX.
You can assign a default font style for new windows via a call to
Screen(‘Preference’, ‘DefaultFontStyle’). The initial default font style is
operating system dependent.
Not all fonts support all style settings. Unsupported settings for the currently
selected font will be silently ignored.

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