Psychtoolbox>Screen.{mex*} subfunction

Screen(‘DrawTextures’, windowPointer, texturePointer(s) [, sourceRect(s)] [, destinationRect(s)] [, rotationAngle(s)] [, filterMode(s)] [, globalAlpha(s)] [, modulateColor(s)] [, textureShader] [, specialFlags] [, auxParameters]);

Draw many textures at once, either one texture to many locations or many
This function accepts the same parameters as Screen(‘DrawTexture’), but it is
optimized for drawing many textures. You can leave out each argument, a default
setting will be used in that case, provide it once to apply it to all drawn
items, or provide a vector or matrix with a individual setting for each drawn
item. If you provide multiple settings per argument, then the number must match
between all arguments.

a) One texture drawn to different locations at different orientations: Provide
one texture handle for the texturePointer, a 4 row by n columns matrix for
‘destinationRect’ to provide target rectangles for n locations, provide a n
component vector of ‘rotationAngles’ for the n different orientations of the n
drawn texture patches.
b) n textures drawn to n different locations: Same as a) but provide a n
component vector of ‘texturePointers’ one for each texture to be drawn to one of
n locations at n angles.

###See also: MakeTexture DrawTexture DrawTextures