Psychtoolbox>Screen.{mex*} subfunction

[VBLTimestamp StimulusOnsetTime FlipTimestamp Missed Beampos] = Screen(‘AsyncFlipEnd’, windowPtr);

Wait for completion of a previously scheduled asynchronous flip operation (see
Screen AsyncFlipBegin? for help).
This command will wait for completion on onscreen window “windowPtr”, then
return the result of the operation, ie. all the stimulus onset timestamps and
other diagnostic information. See help for Screen Flip? for explanation of the
returned info. If you call this function without having called ‘AsyncFlipBegin’
before, it will return immediately with the results of the last completed flip,
regardless if it was a synchronous Screen(‘Flip’) or an asynchronous flip long
finished ago.
Screen(‘AsyncFlipCheckEnd’) provides a non-blocking, polling version of this
command – one that doesn’t pause if the referenced operation hasn’t completed

###See also: DrawingFinished WaitUntilAsyncFlipCertain AsyncFlipBegin AsyncFlipCheckEnd AsyncFlipEnd Flip