[versionString, versionStructure] = PsychtoolboxVersion

Return a string identifying this release of the Psychtoolbox.
The first three numbers identify the base version of Psychtoolbox:

  • Leftmost (major version): Increments indicate a disruptive change in
    the feature set, application programming interfaces or core design of the
    software, by abrupt introduction of drastic design changes. This should
    never happen, as this would mean a completely new product, entirely
    incompatible with the old software.

  • Middle (minor version): Increments indicate very significant
    enhancements or changes in functionality. This would for example happen
    if there would be backwards incompatible changes to the programming
    interface or functionality which may require code adjustments in user
    code or even choosing different hardware or operating systems to run it.
    This will usually only happen every couple of years at most.

  • Rightmost (patch level): A counter to distinguish multiple releases
    having the same leftmost and middle version numbers. It increments if we
    cancel support for platforms (Matlab/Octave versions, operating system
    versions, processor architectures etc.). This happens occasionally.

Numeric values of the three integer fields contained in versionString are
available in fields of the second return argument, “versionStructure”.

If Psychtoolbox was installed using Neurodebian or GIT, this source
is available in the field ‘Flavor’.

Using SVN, the field ‘Flavor’ defines the subtype of Psychtoolbox being used:

* beta: The term ‘current’ is a synonym for ‘beta’. Beta releases are the
only releases we provide at this point. ‘Beta’ is a historical name, not
anything is really much of beta quality about them, they are considered
the most stable and trustworthy releases.

* trunk: Development prototypes, for testing and debugging by developers
and really adventureous users, not for production use!

* Psychtoolbox-x.y.z: Old, no longer supported Psychtoolbox versions.

* Debian package: A Psychtoolbox provided by GNU/Debian, Ubuntu or NeuroDebian.

The revision number and the provided URL allows you to visit the developer
website in the Internet and get direct access to all development logs
regarding your working copy of Psychtoolbox.

Be aware that execution of the PsychtoolboxVersion command can take a lot
of time (in the order of multiple seconds to 1 minute).

Most Psychtoolbox mex files now provide a built-in ‘Version’ command
which returns version for themselves. The version string for the
built-in version numbers contains a fourth numeric field named “build”.
The build number is a unique serial number. Mex files distinguished only
by build numbers were compiled from identical C source files.


see also: Screen(‘Version’)

Path   Retrieve current version from GitHub | View changelog