PsychVulkan - Interface with the Vulkan graphics and compute api for special purpose tasks.

This function allows to utilize the Khronos Vulkan rendering and compute api
for special purpose display tasks on suitable operating systems with suitable
Vulkan v1.1+ capable graphics and display hardware.

Most often you won’t call this function directly, but Psychtoolbox will call
it appropriately from the PsychImaging() function. Read relevant sections
related to Vulkan in ‘help PsychImaging’ first, before venturing into the
functions offered by this function!

Commands and their meaning

oldVerbosity = PsychVulkan(‘Verbosity’ [, verbosity]);

  • Returns and optionally sets level of ‘verbosity’ for driver debug output.
    ‘verbosity’ = New level of verbosity: 0 = Silent, 1 = Errors only, 2 = Warnings,
    3 = Info, 4 = Debug, 5 – … = Higher debug levels.

isSupported = PsychVulkan(‘Supported’);

  • Returns if use of the Vulkan rendering and display api is in principle supported
    on this setup. 1 = Supported, 0 = No driver, hardware or operating system support.

oldFlags = PsychVulkan(‘OverrideFlags’ [, flags]);

  • Returns and optionally sets override for ‘flags’ parameter in low-level
    function PsychVulkan(‘PerformPostWindowOpenSetup’ …, flags …); for
    driver debugging and testing. By default, override flags are not set or
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