Psychtoolbox>PsychOculusVRCore.{mex*} subfunction

Mark start of a new 3D head tracked render cycle for Oculus device ‘oculusPtr’.
Return values are the vectors which define the two eye cameras positions and
orientations for the left eye and right eye ‘eyePoseL’ and ‘eyePoseR’. The
vectors are of form [tx, ty, tz, rx, ry, rz, rw] - A 3 component 3D position
followed by a 4 component rotation quaternion.
‘tracked’ Tracking status flags: 0 = Head not tracked at the moment. 1 = Head
orientation tracked. 2 = Head position tracked (DK2 and later). 3 = Head
position and orientation tracked (DK2 and later). 4 = Camera pose tracked, 7 =
1+2+4 = Camera pose and Head position and orientation tracked.

‘frameTiming’ Vector with predicted timing information for this frame with
following elements:
[1] = DeltaSeconds since last frame.
[2] = ThisFrameSeconds start of scanout of this frame.
[3] = TimewarpPointSeconds
[4] = NextFrameSeconds
[5] = ScanoutMidpointSeconds
[6] = EyeScanoutSeconds[0]
[7] = EyeScanoutSeconds[1]

###See also: GetEyePose EndFrameTiming