Psychtoolbox>PsychOculusVRCore.{mex*} subfunction

Return current predicted pose vector for an eye for Oculus device ‘oculusPtr’.
‘renderPass’ is the view render pass for which to provide the data: 0 = First
pass, 1 = Second pass.
Return value is the vector ‘eyePose’ which defines the position and orientation
for the eye corresponding to the requested renderPass ie. ‘eyePose’ = [posX,
posY, posZ, rotX, rotY, rotZ, rotW].
The second return value is the ‘eyeIndex’, the index of the eye whose view
should be rendered. This would be 0 for left eye, and 1 for right eye, and could
be used to select the target render view via, e.g.,
Screen(‘SelectStereoDrawBuffer’, window, eyeIndex);
Which ‘eyeIndex’ corresponds to the first or second ‘renderPass’, ie., if the
left eye should be rendered first, or if the right eye should be rendered first,
depends on the visual scanning order of the HMD display panel - is it top to
bottom, left to right, or right to left? This function provides that optimized
mapping. Using this function to query the parameters for render setup of an eye
can provide a bit more accuracy in rendering, at the expense of more complex
usercode. If you want the more simple solution, just omit this function and use
the eyePose’s provided for both eyes by the ‘StartRender’ method.

###See also: StartRender