Draw little texture in multiple places, with a similar syntax as

Usage: PsychDrawSprites2D(windowPtr, spriteTex, xy [, spriteScale=1][, spriteAngle=0][, spriteColor=white][, center2D=[0,0]][, spriteShader]);

This is basically a ‘DrawDots’ work-alike, just that it doesn’t draw nice
round dots, but many copies of nice little texture images, each
individually colored, scaled, positioned, shaded and rotated.

It is a convenience wrapper around the Screen(‘DrawTextures’) command, a
more low-level, more flexible command for drawing of many textures at

‘windowPtr’ target window. ‘spriteTex’ texture to draw. ‘xy’ 2-row matrix
with x,y locations of the centers of the drawn textures. ‘center2D’ adds
an optional offset to these locations. ‘spriteScale’ global or per-sprite
scaling factor. ‘spriteAngle’ global or per-sprite rotation angle.
‘spriteColor’ global or per sprite 1-, 3- or 4-row color matrix.
‘spriteShader’ a shader handle for shaded drawing.

See Screen DrawTextures? for more help on the options and Screen
DrawDots? for similar syntax. See DotDemo.m or DotDemo(1) for example

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