MachSetTimeConstraintPriority(periodSecs,computationSecs, constraintSecs, preemptibleFlag)

Assign the main MATLAB thread “time constraint” status, giving it super
priority over other threads on the system. A thread given “time
constraint” status can not be preempted by other threads and cedes CPU
time to them on its own terms.

MachSetTimeConstraintPriority guarantees that within any block of
“periodSecs” consecutive seconds the MATLAB thread is granted at least
computationSecs seconds of CPU time.

Use “constraintSecs” to specify how “computationSecs” of CPU time is
distributed throughought the period “periodSecs”. If the CPU time
specified by “computationSecs” were broken and spread throught the entire
interval “periodSecs”, then the actual time to complete the
calculationSecs of computation will be greater than computationSecs
itself; computationSecs of CPU usage could require up to periodSecs to
complete. Argument “constraintSecs” specifies a period in which
computationSecs of CPU usage is guranteed to complete. Note that
constraintSecs must be >= computationSecs because computationSecs of CPU
usage can not complete in less than computationSecs. The maximum latency
from the start of a computation to the end is constraintSecs -

Setting the preemptibleFlag flag allows MATLAB to be interrupted subject
to constraintConstraint.

Granting a thread “time constraint” priority status gives it unlimited
and uninterruptable control of the CPU, regardless of the limits
specified by arguments to MachSetTimeConstraintPriority. If a thread
exceeds the limits on CPU time usage as specfied by arguments to
MachSetTimeConstraintPriority then the Mach Kernel’s task scheduler will
eventually notice a problem and revoke “time constraint” priority status.
On a dual 1.2 GHz G4 running OS X 10.2 the Mach task scheduler demotes
MATLAB to standard priority after 2.5 seconds of uninterrrupted loop
execution at “time constraint” priority.

For your script to abide by CPU time usage limits set by arguments to
MachSetTimeConstraintPriority it is necessary that it limit its own use
of CPU time by calling blocking functions which surrender CPU time to
other applications. Use “BlockSecsMex” to surrender a specified period
of time or use Use Screen(‘Flip’) to surrender time until the next video
blanking interval. MATLAB when idle at the command line will
automatically block.

MachSetTimeConstraintPriority is primarily intended to be used with
Screen(‘CopyWindow’) animations to avoid interruptions for periods long
enough to cause your animation script to miss an entire video frame.
For animations:
periodSecs- should be set to the video frame period as obtained
with 1/Screen(‘FrameRate’).

  computationSecs- should exceed the maximum amount of time which  
  your  script requires to render any single video frame.   
  constraintSecs need only be greater than computationSecs and less  
  than or equal to  periodSecs, within those limits should not effect  

MachSetTimeConstraintPriority should be called immediatly before the
start of the animation loop. To restore standard priority status to
MATLAB after the animation ends use “MachSetStandardPriority

MachSetTimeConstraintPriority converts time arguments specified in units
of seconds to units of bus ticks and calls MachSetPriorityMex.
MachSetPriorityMex, in turn, invokes the OS X call thread_policy_set with
the THREAD_TIME_CONSTRAINT_POLICY constant. For more info on
thread_policy_set see:

SEE ALSO: MachSetStandardPriority, MachSetPriorityMex, BlockSecsMex


Allen Ingling awi
Mario Kleiner mk


8/13/03 awi Wrote it.
2/17/05 mk bug-fix: constraintSecs argument was ignored.
4/6/05 awi Added Mario’s bug fix to master.
4/6/05 awi Replaced “GetBusFrequencymex” calls with “MachTimebase
4/8/05 awi Changed “MachTimebase” to “MachAbsoluteTimeClockFrequency

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