OS X: ___________________________________________________________________

Return TRUE if both the finish.m file is on the MATLAB path and if it
includes a call to StartUpdateProcess.

The OS X update process causes suspension of MATLAB for up to about 13ms
at 30-second intervals. Psychtoolbox functions Rush and Priority
automatically kill and restart the update process when priority is,
respectively, raised above 0 and lowered back to 0. To insure that the
update process is restored when MATLAB exits we add a call to
StartUpdateProcess to the finish.m file which MATLAB calls before
exiting. If multiple finish.m files exist on the MATLAB path then MATLAB
seems to invoke only the first one which it finds in the path search
order as reported by the “path” command or as shown in the “set path”

The Psychtoolbox includes the file:

Because it is possible that users could modify path settings to include a
custom finish.m file ahead of the Psychtoolbox finish.m file in the
MATLAB path, we check that the finish.m file includes the
StartUpdateProcess call.

Neither Rush not Priority will raise the priorty above 0 if
IsStartUpdatedImplantedInFinsh returns FALSE. This helps is a precaution
against exiting MATLAB and leaving the update process shut down. However,
it is not foolproof. If MATLAB crashes while priority is >0 then it will
not restart update on quitting.

If you have your own finish.m file which you want to use, then place it
ahead of the Psychtoolbox finish.m file on MATLAB’s search path and add
to your file the line:
StartUpdateProcess; %Restore the system update process.

OS 9: ___________________________________________________________________

IsStartUpdateImplantedInFinish does not exist in OS 9.


IsStartUpdateImplantedInFinish does not exist in Windows.


see also: finish, StartUpdateProcess, KillUpdateProcess, Priority, Rush.

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