[wls,weightingR,weightingA,weightingS,wls_R,rawWeigtingR,wls_A,rawWeightingA,wls_S,rawWeightingS] = ISO2007MPEGetWeighings(S)

Read the text files and get the three weighting functions needed for the
standard’s calculations.

These are splined to the evenly spaced wavelengths specified by S, and
padded with 0 outside the wavelength range over which each function is
specified in the standard. This simplifies calculations.

IMPORTANT: Before using the ISO2007MPE routines, please see the notes on usage
and responsibility in PsychISO2007MPE/Contents.m (type “help PsychISO2007MPE
at the Matlab prompt.

6/25/13 dhb Wrote it.

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