[val_UWattsPerCm2,limit_UWattsPerCm2] = ISO2007MPEComputeType1ContinuousCornealUVWeightedValue(S,radiance_WattsPerSrM2,weightingS,stimulusDurationSecs,stimulusAreaDegrees2)

Compute the weighted UV radiation for Type 1 instruments as given on page 7, Table 2,

Input spectrum is radiance in units of Watts/[sr-m2-wlinterval].

Also return the exposure limit for this quantity.

See page 6 for a definition of a Type 1 instrument. As far as I can tell, the key
criterion is that it doesn’t put out more light that exceeds the Type 1 limits.

If the exposure time is longer than 2 hours the specified limits should be reduced by
1/exposureDuration in hours. This routine implements that adjustment for its returned
limit value. It does not implement a further reduction of of the limit (by a factor of 2)
for microscopes and endoilluminators.

IMPORTANT: Before using the ISO2007MPE routines, please see the notes on usage
and responsibility in PsychISO2007MPE/Contents.m (type “help PsychISO2007MPE
at the Matlab prompt.

6/25/13 dhb Wrote it.

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