ticks = GetTicks

The number of system ticks since startup. One tick is 1/60.15 second.

For more precise timing use GetSecs or WaitSecs.

TIMING ADVICE: the first time you access any MEX function or M file,
Matlab takes several hundred milliseconds to load it from disk.
Allocating a variable takes time too. Usually you’ll want to omit
those delays from your timing measurements by making sure all the
functions you use are loaded and that all the variables you use are
allocated, before you start timing. MEX files stay loaded until you
flush the MEX files (e.g. by changing directory or calling CLEAR
MEX). M files and variables stay in memory until you clear them.

See also: WaitTicks, GetTicksTick, GetSecs, GetSecsTick, WaitSecs, GetChar, GetBusTicks, GetBusTicksTick.

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