Short MATLAB example that uses the Eyelink and Psychophysics Toolboxes
This is the example as shown in the EyelinkToolbox article in BRMIC
Cornelissen, Peters and Palmer 2002), but updated to also work on the
PC version of the toolbox, and uses some new routines.

Adapted after “Psychtoolbox[PsychHardware](PsychHardware)[EyelinkToolbox](EyelinkToolbox)[EyelinkDemos](EyelinkDemos)\


07/01/08 js redone the structure of the experiment and added
integration messages to the EyeLink Data Viewer software
07/14/08 js added code to set your own EDF file name before opening
the experiment graphics
07/13/10 fwc made to work with new toolbox with callback and updated to
enable eye image display, added “cleanup” function,
reenabled try-catch
09/20/12 srresearch updated to allow:
1. Transfer the image to host. (STEP 7.1)
2. Change the calibration colors and turn on/off the
calibration beep. (STEP 6)
3. End trials by button box. (STEP 7.5)
12/20/13 srresearch
Added part to make it run with octave
fixed issue with non integer arguments for Eyelink(‘message’ …)
removed cleanup function, used Eyelink(‘ShutDown’); Screen(‘CloseAll’) instead.

07/07/23 mk Use imread() and new Eyelink(‘ImageTransfer’) to handle image file
formats other than uncompressed Microsoft bitmap .bmp files.

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