olddisabledkeys = DisableKeysForKbCheck([disablekeys])

Specify a vector of keycodes for keys which should be
ignored by KbCheck and KbWait. This is useful to
disable specific keys, e.g., if they are stuck. The function
returns the old set of disabled keys.

Example: To disable the keys with keycodes 4, 6 and 7, do
DisableKeysForKbCheck([4, 6, 7]);

Caution: This setting is reset to “empty” during a “clear all” command!

Background info:

Some users of Laptops experienced the problem of “stuck keys”: Some keys
are always reported as “down”, so KbWait returns immediately and KbCheck
always reports keyIsDown == 1. This is often due to special function keys.
These keys or system functionality are assigned vendor specific
key codes, e.g., the status of the Laptop lid (opened/closed) could be
reported by some special keycode. Whenever the Laptop lid is open, this key
will be reported as pressed. You can work around this problem by passing
a list of keycodes to be ignored by KbCheck and KbWait.

See also: FlushEvents, KbName, KbDemo, KbWait, KbCheck, GetChar, CharAvail.

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