Psychtoolbox>Datapixx.{mex*} subfunction

Datapixx(‘SetVideoPixelSyncLine’, rasterLine [, singleLine=1] [, blankLine=1]);

Configure pixel sync raster line operation.
Register cache writes to the Datapixx can be delayed until a user-specified
pixel sequence occurs. This allows signal input or output to be synchronized to
video with microsecond precision. Datapixx reset behaviour is to recognize the
pixel sequence anywhere within a video frame. SetVideoPixelSyncLine configures
whether the pixel sequence should only be recognized on a single raster line.
-“rasterLine” specifies the raster line.
-“singleLine” default value of 1 means that pixel sync will only be recognized
on rasterLine. Passing a value of 0 to singleLine will allow the pixel sequences
to be recognized on any raster line.
-“blankLine” default value of 1 means that rasterLine will always be displayed
black. This effectively hides the presence of the pixel sequence from the
display viewer. Passing a value of 0 to blankLine will display rasterLine as
normal video.

###See also: RegWrPixelSync, GetVideoStatus