P = AnsiZ136MPEComputePupilFactor(stimulusDurationSeconds,stimulusWavelengthNm)

IMPORTANT: Before using the AnsiZ136 routines, please see the notes on usage
and responsibility in PsychAnsiZ136MPE/Contents.m (type “help PsychAnsiZ136MPE
at the Matlab prompt.

Delori et al. (2007) JOSA A, pp. 1250-1265 define a pupil
factor (their Table 2) that they use to modify the ANSI
standard as a function of stimulus duration and wavelength.
This is applied when converting between the corneal irradiance
of a a beam overfilling the pupil and the allowable power
in the pupil.

This routine computes that factor P.

3/2/13 dhb Wrote it.

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