PTB beta “The fun in dysfunction” SP2 release 2013-1-14


Git tag: PTB_Beta-2013-01-14_V3.0.10

This update is dedicated to Aaron Swartz (R.I.P.) and others who fight for freedom of information and the internet. It contains some improvements to M-Files.

All systems:

  • Full panelfitter high-level setup support via PsychImaging('AddTask', 'General', 'UsePanelFitter'): Selection of common scaling/fitting modes. Fully compatible with all stereo display modes, high-precision display modes and other PsychImaging tasks. Also now fully compatible with RemapMouse().

  • Cleanups to BeampositionTest by Ian A.

  • Robustness improvements to GStreamer-SDK detection on 64-Bit Windows.

  • Fix PsychImaging display mirroring when only fixed-function pipeline is active.

  • Tiny fixes in moglmorpher() and LoadOBJFile().

  • Minor tweaks to some demos.