[fbo , texids] = moglCreateFBO(width, height [, nrbuffers, layers, format, withdepth, withstencil])

moglCreateFBO creates a standard OpenGL Framebuffer Object, suitable for
computer vision and other GPGPU tasks and returns a handle to it.

The FBO will have a size of width x height pixels and its ‘nrbuffers’
color buffers will have textures with ‘layers’ layers (default = 4 for RGBA)
‘format’ specifies the data format. It defaults to single precision
floating point resolution (32 bit float). If ‘withdepth’ > 0 then a
depth buffer gets attached as well. If ‘withstencil’ > 0 then a stencil
drawable gets attached as well.

The function will create appropriate textures and renderbuffers, create
an appropriate FBO and attach the textures and renderbuffers. After
validation, the handle to the FBO is returned.

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