moglChooseFBO(fbo, bufferid) – Set FBO ‘fbo’ as framebuffer.

If fbo is > 0, then the corresponding FBO is bound and OpenGL is set up
to render and read from that FBO with orthogonal projection. If fbo is
zero, then the system framebuffer is enabled again for normal drawing.

Normally, read- and writebuffer are set to color attachment zero. If you
provide bufferid, then it is set to bufferid, with 1 being the first

This function is mostly useful for image processing and GPGPU
applications. Normal Psychtoolbox code will want to use standard
Offscreen windows instead. They are properly managed by Psychtoolbox for
normal stimulus drawing and implemented to work on any kind of hardware,
whereas this function is optimized for OpenGL-2 compliant hardware.

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