rval = kPsychNeedFinalizedFBOSinks

Return a flag that you can pass to the ‘imagingmode’ parameter of
Screen(‘OpenWindow’) in order to tell Screen’s imaging pipeline that
the final output image - after all post-processing - should not be
written to the onscreen windows OpenGL system backbuffer for presentation
in the onscreen window/on the onscreen windows associated display
device. Instead it should be written to an OpenGL framebuffer object,
more specifically to a non-power of two GL_TEXTURE_2D OpenGL texture
attached to that OpenGL framebuffer object. The resulting OpenGL texture
can then be used as a source image for further processing or display by
non-standard display sinks, e.g., by the VR compositor of a Virtual Reality
head mounted display, or some highly specialized non-standard proprietary
display hardware.

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