eyePoseToCameraGLModelviewMatrix() - Convert eyePose directly to OpenGL modelview matrix.


modelview = eyePoseToCameraGLModelviewMatrix(eyePose [, eyeLocalTranslate])

Input arguments:

‘eyePose’ is a [tx, ty, tz, rx, ry, rz, rw] vector, with the first 3 components
defining eye translation, and the last 4 components defining a rotation Quaternion
that defines eye orientation.

‘eyeLocalTranslate’ is an optional 3 component translation vector that gets applied
to ‘eyePose’ position, but within the eyes own rotated local coordinate system.
This is useful if ‘eyePose’ is not actually describing an eye pose, but the tracked
global head pose or global HMD pose. Applying suitable ‘eyeLocalTranslate’ translation
vectors allows to derive the eyes position from the head/HMD position.

Return arguments:

‘modelview’ is a 4x4 matrix that can be directly loaded into OpenGL as GL_MODELVIEW
matrix, e.g., glLoadMatrixd(modelview); to define camera position and orientation
for rendering accordign to eyePose. Iow. modelview is already the inverse matrix of

‘eyePoseT’ is the original input ‘eyePose’, but optionally transformed by ‘eyeLocalTranslate’.
It is not the inverse of ‘eyePos’, like ‘modelview’!

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