Psychtoolbox>Screen.{mex*} subfunction

[width, height]=Screen(‘DisplaySize’, ScreenNumber);

Return the physical width and height of the output display device associated
with ‘ScreenNumber’. The size is returned in units of millimeters as reported by
the display device itself to the OS. On MacOS-X, if Extended Display
Identification Data (EDID) for the display device is not available, the size is
estimated by OS-X based on the device width and height in pixels, with an
assumed resolution of 2.835 pixels/mm or 72 DPI, a reasonable guess for displays
predating EDID support. On M$-Windows and GNU/Linux, the behaviour in case of
missing EDID data is unknown. This function returns a width and height of zero
if physical display size can’t be queried from the operating system. Please
handle the returned information with great caution. It is unclear how accurate
the EDID data for typical monitors or video beamers really is. This information
could be pretty unreliable and therefore misleading!

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