Psychtoolbox>Screen.{mex*} subfunction


Get information about the computer. The result is a struct holding information
about your computer. Top-level flags in the returned struct are available on all
operating systems and identify the operating system: ‘macintosh’, ‘windows’,
‘osx’, ‘linux’. ‘system’ contains info about the operating system version.
‘gstreamer’ tells if [GStreamer](GStreamer) support is compiled into Screen(). ‘supported’
tells if the given operating system was supported by the given Psychtoolbox at
the time of the Psychtoolbox release, ie., if the given system was tested and
shown to work with the given Psychtoolbox, so there can be some expectation of
Psychtoolbox working with this system. This doesn’t mean that you will get
support in case of problems though, as support for your system may have ended if
it isn’t a recent enough system. ‘MACAddress’ may contain the MAC address of
your ethernet adapter.
All other fields or additional sub-structures are platform-dependent, so their
presence can not be relied on.
SCREEN ‘Computer’ not longer supports the obsolete usage:

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