Psychtoolbox>PsychPortAudio.{mex*} subfunction

oldOpMode = PsychPortAudio(‘SetOpMode’, pahandle [, opModeOverride]);

Override basic mode of operation of an open audio device ‘pahandle’ and/or
return old/current mode.
The device must be open for this setting to take effect and operations must be
stopped. If the device isn’t stopped, it will be forcefully stopped. The
current/old opMode is returned in the optional return value ‘oldOpMode’.
‘opModeOverride’ is the optional new opMode: At device open time, the initial
opMode is assigned via the ‘mode’ parameter of PsychPortAudio(‘Open’, …); and
defaults to audio playback if omitted.

The mode can only be changed within certain constraints. It is not possible to
switch a device from playback to capture mode, or from simplex to full-duplex
mode after it has been opened. It is possible to change other special opMode
flags though, e.g., one can enable/disable the live (software based) low-latency
monitoring mode of full-duplex devices by adding or not adding the value ‘4’ to
the opMode value.

The function will ignore settings that can’t be changed while the device is

###See also: Start Stop RescheduleStart Open Close