Psychtoolbox>PsychPortAudio.{mex*} subfunction

oldbias = PsychPortAudio(‘LatencyBias’, pahandle [,biasSecs]);

Set audio output latency bias in seconds to ‘biasSecs’ and/or return old bias
for a device ‘pahandle’. The device must be open for this setting to take
effect. It is reset to zero at each reopening of the device. PsychPortAudio
computes a latency value for the expected latency of an audio output device to
get its timing right. If this latency value is slightly off for some reason, you
can provide a bias value with this function to correct the computed value.

Please note that this ‘biasSecs’ setting is applied to either audio playback or
audio capture if your device is configured in simplex mode, either for playback
*or* capture. If your device is opened in full-duplex mode for simultaneous
capture and playback, then the bias value is only applied to the playback timing
and timestamps, but not to the capture timing and timestamps!

See the online help for PsychPortAudio for more in depth explanation of

###See also: Open GetDeviceSettings