Psychtoolbox>PsychKinectCore.{mex*} subfunction

kinectPtr = PsychKinect(‘Open’ [, deviceIndex=0][, numbuffers=2][, bayerFilterMode=1]);

Open connection to Microsoft Kinect box, return a ‘kinectPtr’ handle to it.

The call tries to open the Kinect box with index ‘deviceIndex’, or the first
detected box, if ‘deviceIndex’ is omitted. It configures the box for video and
depth capture, using a n-buffered pool for internal storage of up to
‘numbuffers’ frames. ‘numbuffers’ defaults to 2 for double-buffering if omitted.
‘bayerFilterMode’ is optional and selects mode of color reconstruction from the
visual cameras sensor data: A setting of 1 (default) will use a slow and
unoptimized bayer filter algorithm built into the libfreenect driver to return
RGB images via the ‘GetImage’ function. A setting of 0 will disable filtering
and return a 2D only image with sensor raw data, which you’ll need to
post-process and filter yourself.
A setting of 2 will return infrared image data from the depth camera instead of
RGB data.
A setting of > 2 would select other filtering methods, but these are not yet
implemented. You would want to use the default value if you need convenient
access to RGB images without any effort on your side. Unfiltered raw data has
the advantage that cpu load of kinect operation is much lower, so you may get
higher framerates. Also, raw data only requires a third of the storage memory if
this is of concern, e.g., for high settings of ‘numbuffers’.
The returned handle can be passed to the other subfunctions to operate the

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