Psychtoolbox>PsychKinectCore.{mex*} subfunction

[result, cts, age] = PsychKinect(‘GrabFrame’, kinectPtr [, waitMode=1][, mostrecent=0]);

Poll or wait for arrival of new captured frames, release old ones.

This function checks box ‘kinectPtr’ for the availability of frames. If
‘waitMode’ is 1, the function waits/blocks until data is available if no new
frames are available at time of call. Otherwise it just polls in a non-blocking
If ‘mostrecent’ is 1, then the most recent frame is returned and old frames are
discarded - this for low-latency live capture.

‘result’ returns the status: 0 = No frame returned, 1 = Frame returned, 2 =
‘cts’ returns a capture time stamp of when the frame was captured.
‘age’ returns the age of the frame – the number of pending frames in the buffer

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