Psychtoolbox>PsychHID.{mex*} subfunction

outData = PsychHID(‘USBControlTransfer’, usbHandle, bmRequestType, bRequest, wValue, wIndex, wLength, inData)

Communicates with a USB device via the control endpoint, aka control transfer.
The results of out-transfers are returned in return argument ‘outData’ as a
uint8 array.
‘usbHandle’ is the handle of the USB device to control. ‘bmRequestType’ is the
type of reqest: If bit 7 is set, this defines a transfer from device to host and
‘outData’ will be filled with at most ‘wLength’ bytes received from the device.
Otherwise it defines a transfer from host to device and at most ‘wLength’ bytes
will be transfered from ‘inData’ to the device.
‘bRequest’ is the request id.
‘wValue’ and ‘wIndex’ are device- and request specific values. ‘wLength’ is the
amount of data to return at most on a out-transfer, or the amount of data
provided for an in-transfer in the optional uint8 vector ‘inData’. ‘inData’ must
have at least as many elements as the value of ‘wLength’!

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